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See how our sem agency helped an international trading company transition from a traditional business to a digital lead generation model and increase ROI by 117%

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Warrior and Sons Inc was one of those companies that arrived late to the digital era. Not because of its lack of business through communication tools such as email, but because it was a company ran in an old-fashioned way. A relatively new company, Warrior and Sons has been operating in the Miami area for about seven years now, actively seeking business partners and customers through their business networks and sourced primarily from participating at different business fairs and trade shows throughout the United States and internationally. Comfortable with the current business model and the working strategy, the company had been operating within this very same strategy over the years as it had been giving them great results.

Google Ads Case Study

Seeing a possible threat from an imminent lockdown in the US due to the pandemic, its executives were quick to identify the need to make a daring and radical change to their traditional lead generating strategy. They were already aware of the need of a digital presence for their organization, particularly with the assistance of a ppc ads agency, as they were looking into ways to reach multiple markets in different Latin American areas as part of their expansion plans in the region. But this new development forced their hand into making the definite move for sem services and into a completely new strategy.

PPC campaign case study

After looking into different sem agencies, Warrior and Sons valued our sem agency performance approach and our ppc company Miami seasoned strategies. The Suncode Miami team was entrusted with the development of their first-ever website, along with the creation and management of a continuous lead generation funnel strategy using search engine marketing. A simple, yet concise and easy to navigate site was created, reflecting their business motto of “Finding easy solutions for complex business challenges”. As for their marketing needs, their objective was clear: Creating a new lead channel that would help business stay afloat during the lockdown, and fast. During the second quarter of 2020, the marketing work we did with Warrior and Sons helped them now only stay afloat, but also created a new robust pipeline for new business prospects upon which revenues surpassed those they’d made compared to previous years. Numbers speak for themselves:

Warrior and Sons (Year over Year, 2nd Quarter Results, 2019 to 2020)

  • 117% increase in revenue
  • 36% increase in new customers
  • Digital marketing budget allocated for the strategy did not exceed their previous year’s spend from the same 2019 period: 93% equivalent.
Google Ads campaign case study

It was an extremely successful quarter with our partnership with Warrior and Sons and our sem service strategies, as the goal was immediately achieved and results were obtained as we raced against a tight deadline and a grim economic slowdown. While the numbers speak for themselves, it was the strategy used and the behind the scenes work required that really made this achievement possible. This is especially relevant as the work performed was made upon a strategy that had never been tested within their organization, where their entire lead generating process was changed in such a short period of time and their executives and personnel adapted to a new workflow.

Suncode Miami’s approach to take on the challenge was centered mainly on PPC channels, focusing on a two-pronged approach:

PPC campaign case study

Ad Structure

Among the many options that exist within the adwords for agency strategies, our team chose to go for a simple, yet often forgotten path. In order to get the most ad real estate and get the maximum ad space possible, we used the maximum amount of ad extensions possible. This made ads more prominent and more likely to be deemed as relevant and make it more clickable for the prospect. The extensions used for this strategy include:

These extensions have proven not only being more useful, but also increase the chances for a conversion from a relevant customer.

PPC campaign case study image PPC campaign using data as compass image

Data As a Compass

The team began analyzing the data as soon as it began populating the dashboards. Through the prompt response and thorough understanding of their company’s business model, we were able to successfully drive immediate results throughout their organization, leading the new way for a business that was evolving and changing in real time in front of our own eyes. Our ppc services Miami styled had revolutionized the way Warrior and Sons would continue on. And the journey had just started.

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